Undefined error when uploading plugin


Whilst trying to upload a new plugin to the Jetbrains Marketplace, I am being confronted by an “undefined” error (see below image). 

In case it's required: https://github.com/BossyMr/intellij-rapid is the plugin I'm trying to upload. I'm using the buildPlugin gradle task. 

The task left a /lib folder inside of the plugin jar file (might be because I'm using a native library), so I tried moving its contents into the outer /Rapid/lib folder (the same one as the instrumented plugin jar), but the error remained.


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I was able to solve the issue. I started by running the plugin verification, which found a compatibility issue. However, after this fix, the issue remained. However, I then tried moving everything from the /lib folder inside of the plugin jar into the outer /lib folder, and deleted the inner /lib folder. This solved the issue and the plugin could be uploaded. 


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