Context menu display name for Run Configuration Producer


For context: idea-ansible-plugin#8.

Per Creating a Run Configuration from Context, I am using com.intellij.execution.actions.LazyRunConfigurationProducer to implement creating a run configuration via right-clicking a file in the Project view. My run configurations, PlaybookRunConfiguration and GalaxyRunConfiguration, both have the same base type of AnsibleConfigurationType. If more than one kind of Run Configuration can be created for a given file, the context menu identifies each kind of configuration by its base RunConfigurationType name, not its own name (see screenshot). Is there a way to change the context menu display name?


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Hi Michael,

I don't see a way to do it. I suggest creating different run configuration type instances for Galaxy and Playbook.

If it doesn't make sense in your case, you can request a feature that allows doing it on the platform level.


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