Suggestion - highlighting of asynchronous code blocks in code editor view (javascript)

When working on JavaScript within PHPStorm and similar tools, it would be quite useful to include some sort of automatic background shade hinting for code which is executing in a promise of other asynchronous fashion. It's achievable at the moment through bracket matching, but that requires manually placing the cursor in a code block near an opening bracket and finding the matching closing bracket hint. This only happens with one block at a time as well, so when trying to find the appropriate bits of code when you have a block of different promises happening, it can become quite tedious trying to visually sort out what's inside the promise and what's in the control structure directing the promises.

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Thank you for the suggestion. It looks like there’s no such feature request yet. Could you create a new one explaining in more detail why you find this important and how you’d like this feature to be implemented? Please refer to YouTrack: We’ll see if it can be done.

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