Why string storage in input() is different between Idle and Pychar Console?


I try to read a string from a USB tag reader, the string contains ascii characteres. When read the string from Python IDLE works good:


But when I do the same in Pycharm Console:

In this case the characters "\x1d" are missing. The Python versión is 3.11 in both sides, What could be happening in Pycharm? , I try it in anothers PCs with the same ouput.


Hi Raulydan ! Can you run it from system terminal outside of IDE using the same interpreter? Does it behave the same way?


Hi Mikhail,  if I run using the system terminal, the behave is not the same that if I use the Pycharm console:

I dont know why the Pycharm console ignore the special chars.


Raulydan, would you be able to provide steps to reproduce the this behavior and an submit an issue on Youtrack: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/PY?


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