File > New... doesn't work with PHP files

If I click File > New…, or right-click a folder and select New, and I select either PHP File or PHP Class, the filename dialog box comes up as normal, but after I enter the filename nothing happens. It works with other file types, just not those two. This has been going on since 2023.3.3. I expected a fix with 2023.3.4, but nope. I tried invalidating the caches if that helps, but that did nothing.



Does it happen on all projects including a new empty one? 
Are there any exception thrown in the `idea.log` file? (Help > Show log in Explorer/Finder)


I made a new empty project and the problem did NOT persist, so I don't know what that means. I don't see exceptions in idea.log around the time I try it and it fails.


In this case, as a quick solution, you may want to recreate the project's settings. It is simple:
- Close the project;
- Remove/rename its `.idea` folder;
- Open the project again.

It is surely not an elegant solution but should be effective.

If you do not want to recreate settings, please check what scheme do you use for “File templates”:

Is it “Default” or a project-specific?



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