Looking for IDE enviroment variable that is tied to /tmp/tmp.85zGxtQYYq/cmake-build-debug-remote-imx8/test_GTK4


The path generated by CLion is /tmp/tmp.85zGxtQYYq

That is generated by the IDE, I need the variable name in my cmake file. Support files are loaded onto the target board and this path changes per board. So I have to do a copy and paste of that path into cmake file(COPY Support-files/main_screen.ui DESTINATION /tmp/tmp.GOHlUQvjne/cmake-build-debug-remote-host-imx8/)


What I need is an IDE variable name that can be placed after DESTINATION ${<some variable name}

Does a list of all the IDE variable names exist / where can these be found?



You can use the CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR CMake variable. The list of CMake variables - https://cmake.org/cmake/help/latest/manual/cmake-variables.7.html.

The path generated by CLion is /tmp/tmp.85zGxtQYYq

BTW you can change the path in the corresponding deployment configuration (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/clion/remote-projects-support.html#deployment-entry).


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