Reference class attributes in strings


If I have the following class with the PhpDoc above:


 * @property int|null $id
 * @property string|null $name
class Profile {
	const DB_TABLE = 'profiles';


And then somewhere else in the project, in completely different file I have something like this:

$query = 'SELECT * FROM '.Profile::DB_TABLE.' WHERE id = ? OR name = ?';


Is there any chance that something exists where I can tell PhpStorm that the above query uses the properties `id` and `name` from the Profile class? Ideally, I would want to Cmd + Click on the class attribute from PhpDoc and show this query as one of the usages of the selected property.


One way that I found would be this:

 * @uses Profile::$id 
 * @uses Profile::$name 
$query = 'SELECT * FROM '.Profile::DB_TABLE.' WHERE id = ? OR name = ?';

But the downside is that I would need to write the property name twice. Once in PhpDoc and once in the query. Is there any other way where I can avoid writing it twice?




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