Can't Import Module Due to Ruby Interpreter


I'm trying to import a module (directory) into IntelliJ, containing Terraform of all things, and I'm not able to do so because I get the following error:

Please resolve errors: No Ruby interpreter configured for the module 'terraform-infrastructure'

This, despite the fact that I have 7 Ruby SDKs configured.  Setting the SDK to any of them does not resolve the error.  IntelliJ does not let you add a module if there are any errors, therefore, minor bugs are converted into show-stoppers. 

Has anyone encountered and resolve this?

Thank you.


I found similar problems here. 





I too had that error in the IDE, and had to disable the check.

It looks like I have to disable the Ruby plugin, which is a shame, because I work in a mixed-language environment, some of which is Ruby.  That error has been going on for about 3 years.  It seems the Ruby plugin is bugged.

Anyway, I got past my immediate problem, although the solution is definitely sub-optimal.

Does this way help:

Remove the autodetected module from the project and then add a new Ruby module to the project (choose New Module, not Import Module)?

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