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When I use CLion and I press the 'Run' [arrow] button (or [Bug] 'Debug') I always get presented with all popup window of all configurations, and some of them are labelled with numbers, like '1' or '2'. I see other people use CLion and when they click on 'Run' it runs the currently selected configuration. This used to be the case for me. How can I get that same behaviour back again.



  1. Do you have any custom plugins installed and enabled in `File | Settings | Plugins`? If yes, could you please disable them and check if the issue still happens after that?
  2. You can try restoring the default IDE settings (CLion will backup your current settings, so they won't be lost) - Does it help?

Hi Anna,

Thank you very much for getting back to me. I have a lot of plugins installed, but it seems to me, most - if not all - came with the default installation. But I also remember maybe installing one or two plugins manually. Is there a way to identify the once you installed manually?


They should be listed in the “Downloaded” section:


Thank you so much, Anna for helping me. I have checked my plugins and there is only EJS, and I've disabled that and shutdown, and restarted, and rebooted the machine, all that has not helped unfortunately.


Here is a picture of what I get when I click on [Run] or [Debug] with a configuration already selected:

The [1] appears on the already selected target/configuration.


To avoid any misunderstandings, could you please confirm that you use the following icons on the Navigation bar?

Please hover over the 'Run" icon on the Navigation bar and let us know what text is shown:


Hello again,

Yes I can confirm I am using those icons on the navigation bar. Currently:
if I hover over the ‘run’ triangle. It says “Run…” and I have to select the configuration again (it has a [1] showing next to the entry in the configuration list).
However choosing the bug icon for debug, it does show “Debug ‘MyConfiguration’” like in your picture and it goes straight into debugging without showing the list and asking me to select again.


Hello Anna,

I was reluctant to reset the settings, because I would loose other settings I have made over time. But not seeing any other way out, I have now followed your very 1st suggestions and reset CLion to it's default settings. The problem has disappeared and the UI has a whole new look now (surprisingly!?). But I think I'm happy with this now…just waiting to find settings I need to change again and then hopefully the problem is not coming back. Thank you for all your help.


Hi Marcel!

I'm glad to hear the issue is solved, at least by resetting. Just in case, CLion should have backed up your configuration to another directory, and it should be possible to apply the IDE settings from a backup -

the UI has a whole new look now (surprisingly!?)

It might be the new UI -


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