Intellij Swing UI design tutorial?



I'm studying programming at an advanced specific vocational training center. Here they teach mainly in Netbeans, but to me it is just plainly horrible to look at and use. That's why I'm using Intellij.

Up until now, I didn't have many issues trying to adapt what they tell me in class using Netbens to do it with Intellij but, now we are using Swing and I can't even begin to understand how it works in Intellij.

Tutorials available are horrible and they all talk about the same basic window with a button. I can't find anything related to call other classes methods from the events or why these events are generated inside the constructor.

I tried to look at the code generated by the .form window, but when I unwrap the code, the IDE marks it as missing things.

If anyone can point me to a decent tutorial, not the basic ones listed already I'd be thankful. This is being a source of frustration.


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I think the option here:

Generating forms into Java source files will help you a lot, by default they are only put into the final compiled class files, so for beginners, it's very hard to understand where the GUI is constructed.

I'm not sure you are asking for some Java Swing tutorials like this:

You can ask me directly if you encounter some problems as I've been using Swing for more than 10 years, and I've created several IDEA plugins(yes, IDEA is built on top of Java Swing too).

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