Can't run cygwin64 program in terminal

Update: The problem only exists when the project is located on a network drive

I made a simple udp program that echoes udp packets. It listens on port 8089. I doesn't run in built in terminal - returns Process finished with exit code 1

  • Running in external console via clion works fine (checkbox in run configuration).
  • Running the program in cygwin shell after it was built in clion also works.
  • Running with admin privileges works, the program receives and sends UDP packets, but console output doesn't work(I see nothing in the clion console). I tried 

I made a minimal program:

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
  printf("Hello World\n");
  return 0;

Same thing - in clion:

Process finished with exit code 1

With admin privileges the output works (it didn't for the simple udp program), but output was only visible after the program exited (that's why I put the 10 second sleep).


in cygwin:

npelov@OPesho /cygdrive/z/c/hello/cmake-build-debug-cygwin-64
$ ./hello
Hello World


MinGW programs work fine.

Toolset cygwin64 v3.3.6

cmake: bundled


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