Using ESP32 menuconfig with Clion


I would like to use an ESP32 over CLion. I installed the ESP-IDF as described and also integrated it into CLion. Flash and build works so far. However, when I try to use "menuconfig" I get the message "Redirection is not supported." It works via the console itself. Is this a CLion problem? Is there any workaround?


Hi Domi Bmn!

Do you run “menuconfig” or do you build it? If you run it, please try enabling the “Emulate terminal in the output console” option in the corresponding run/debug configuration (Run | Edit Configurations…). Does it help?


Hi Anna, 
thank you for your reply.
I've built it like “flash” and “app” as well. I tried to run it and added the configuration like you mentioned but I get the same Error: “Redirection is not supported.” (for run and build)


If you get the error at the build stage, you can try using the workaround from CPP-34647


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