Preserve column name casing in the results view

In my MSSQL the database columns are camel cased - for instance “FileExportDate”. When I query the tatble in Data Grip the name of the column in the results grid shows as “Fileexportdate” not respecting database column name casing. Executing the same query from MSSQL Management Studio or Azure Data Studio returns the correct column name casing. 

Is there a setting that I can change to keep the column name casing respect the database?


The problem is not reproducible for me in version 2023.3.4 of DataGrip.

Please provide the following for analysis:

  1. The DDL of the table in question
  2. Query example
  3. A screenshot of the results grid

Please close this issue. After restarting Data Grip I was no longer able to reproduce the issue. 


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