Enhancement Suggestion: Enable Clickable Hyperlinks for '[main.py:3]' Format in PyCharm Console

I would like to propose an enhancement for PyCharm that involves making the console output more user-friendly by enabling clickable hyperlinks for the '[main.py:3]' format. Currently, PyCharm supports clickable hyperlinks for the traditional 'File "main.py", line 3' format, but I believe that extending this functionality to also recognize and convert the simpler '[main.py:3]' format would greatly improve the user experience.

By allowing users to click on these simplified file path and line number references directly in the console, developers can quickly navigate to the corresponding code locations without having to manually search through files. This feature enhancement would streamline the debugging process and enhance productivity, especially when dealing with error messages or debugging output in the console.

I envision that implementing this enhancement would involve enhancing PyCharm's console parsing capabilities to recognize and convert '[main.py:3]' references into clickable hyperlinks that seamlessly navigate to the specified file and line number. This improvement would not only simplify the console output but also align with PyCharm's goal of providing a user-friendly and efficient development environment.

I believe that incorporating this feature would be a valuable addition to PyCharm, benefiting developers by saving time and improving the overall development workflow.

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Links in the run output should already be clickable. Please take some screenshots of how it looks on your side, preferably the whole IDE window, and post them here so we can check it.

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