Why does changing the Interpreter also copy and change the deployment?


Hey everybody.

When ever I create a new interpreter, a new deployment is created (with (<number> appended) and activated. Is there a way to turn this behavior of? Should the deployment be independent? E.g. I am deploying to the login node of the cluster, but the interpreter is running on the node where my current interactive session is. I map the interpreter to the correct node via `ssh -L`. But the deployment should happen to the login node always (such that i can also deploy without interactive session). Do i understand something completely wrong?

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When you first configure an SSH interpreter, PyCharm automatically creates a deployment configuration with the same path mappings you defined for the interpreter. We have an usability problem reported here - https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-44017/Add-Python-Interpreter-SSH-interpreter-incorrectly-converts-to-Deployment-configuration-and-creates-a-deployment-configuration


Ah yes, that seems to be the exact problem. Seems to be unsolved since 2020 even though it should be a simple straight-forward fix. I always have to quickly delete the new deployment because it starts copying all sorts of files which are excluded in the original deployment configuration to the server…


oh this is actually a problem I've been looking for for a long time! I will implement this method fnaf 


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