Cannot see Git edits in "Find" window

When using the “Find” functionality, RubyMine used to put a little blue bar next to lines of code that are part of the current git commit. This is what it used to look like (Rubymine 2023.1.6):

That little blue bar was very helpful because I could click on it to revert the change. This is especially useful when I'm searching for a specific string to revert in many places.

Now that I'm using Rubymine 2023.3.4, it doesn't show up anymore:

Am I missing a setting somewhere? The blue bars show up in normal text editing so I know git is connected in my newer version. It just doesn't show up in the Find window. Did this functionality get removed?


I cannot reproduce this in RM 2023.3.4 as changes are displayed. Does invalidating cache help? Does it occur for every change? 


I invalidated the cache, and now I'm noticing a weird behavior.

In the Find window, if I place my cursor inside of a do, end, or def word (basically anything that highlights a block on the left gutter), then the git changes appear:

However, if my cursor is anywhere else, then the git changes disappear:

It's almost like the Git changes are actually there, but the whole gutter is being hidden. And once I put my cursor on a block word, it shows the gutter because it wants to highlight that block.


Hi Robert, 

Just checked with our devs. This feature is not supposed to be supported in previews. 

I will check if we plan to support this fully in future. 


Hi, just checking if you have any new updates to this issue?

You mentioned that the feature is not supposed to be supported in previews, but in your first comment you said changes are displaying for you in RM 2023.3.4? If it's not supposed to be supported how come it shows up for you?

Also do you have any ideas on why the changes sometimes show up for me (described in my previous comment)? The changes will only show up for me if my cursor is on certain words. Doesn't that seem like a bug?


Hi Robert, 

Sorry for not updating you earlier. 

The changes showing up is actually a bug as they have never been properly implemented, please see:

Feel free to vote and comment. 


Thanks for the update! I think I'm still a little confused as to why the changes sometimes showing up is considered a bug. I've been using RubyMine for over five years now and up until this version local changes have always appeared in the Find window. Until it is fixed I'm going to have to continue using an older version of RubyMine since this feature is so useful to me. 


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