how can i fix this


i updated 2024.1 today and this sidebar became sooooooooooo wide and make me uncomfortable. how can i shorten it ?

thank you all

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Hi there! Thank you for your message and sorry to see you're having issues with using GoLand. May I ask you to try re-installing the IDE and then check if the problem persists? Please let me know how it goes.

Thanks for your reply but unfortunately i've tried re-installing several times (both 2024.1 nightly and beta), and this side bar looks always the same. And I return to 2023.5 it looks fine(as below). I don't know whether my setting is wrong or i need to change some setup. 


Hi there,

Thank you for the additional details! May I ask you to check if switching to/from distraction-free mode makes any difference -  View | Appearance | Exit Distraction Free Mode?

Please let me know how it goes.



Oh it works!!!! Thank you :)))


Oh I can re-produce this problem. I switch the theme and enter this mode automatically again. I think this is a bug because I can't re-produce back to 2023.5


Thank you for the update! That's unusual indeed. Could you please tell me what themes you are switching from/to when testing? 


I'm glad to share what I've found. It appears to be related to the custom 'Material' theme. After uninstalling this theme, I found that switching between themes no longer reproduces the issue. Even in my 2023.5 version, where Material was installed, I couldn't reproduce the issue. Perhaps the theme hasn't been updated for the 2024.1 version yet?


Thank you for checking this! I was actually able to reproduce the same issue as well using Material Theme UI. This is a third-party theme, so as much as I'd wish to help, I'm not sure if it is supposed to work with 2024.1 version of our product. I'd suggest checking this with the developers of the plugin and submitting the behavior as a potential issue connected to our upcoming version. 

Thank you and please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with at the moment.


If you use Material Theme UI :

CTRL+ALT+S > Appearance & Behavior > Material Theme Ui > Features > Centered editor


Have a nice day :)


T Monteiro Thanks for sharing that solution - that was the issue for me


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