IDE bug if first SSH connection attempt fails

  • Setup a new deployment configuration
  • Setup a new SSH Configuration that you use for that deployment configuration, with authentication type “Key pair” (PKA) and specify the path to your custom key file, being different from /.ssh/id_rsa (e.g. /.ssh/ida_rsa_secret_pk), with your private key file being protected by a passphrase you don't want to save, for obvious safety reasons.
  • Set that deployment configuration as default server
  • In your project, select any folder you want to deploy, and click on “Upload to default server” (no matter from which menu). This should open a prompt asking you to provide the passphrase for /.ssh/ida_rsa_secret_pk (or whatever custom path you've set).
  • provide the wrong passphrase.

Expected behaviour:

The IDE should simply ask you to provide the passphrase again, as it was wrong.

What actually happens:

The IDE displays a popup in the bottom right corner, telling you that you have to provide the passphrase to proceed. When you click on “Enter password” on that popup, a prompt opens asking your for a passphrase for the private key at /.ssh/id_rsa (different location from what you've configured for your default server), and you'll actually never be able to proceed, as the wrong private key file (/.ssh/id_rsa instead of /.ssh/ida_rsa_secret_pk) is considered with your passphrase to be provided. This weird bug persists until you actually entirely close the IDE and restart it. Even when you click on “Cancel” / “Stop” on the current connection attempt, the IDE says “cancelling / Stopping - Loggin in…" at the bottom of the window, forever, with you never being able to deploy unless you completely close and then re-open the IDE. This issue is happening since we started years ago with this IDE, even now still with the latest version (2023.3.5). It is of course crazy annoying when you always have to re-open the entire setup just because you made a typo when providing the passphrase for your SSH connection. So we wanted to report this issue.

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Hello, Cbf Fcb
Could you please specify if the problem is reproducible only if you try to use the Deployment feature or if you try to check the SSH connection in the Settings | Tools | SSH Configurations after configuring it, too? 
Also, please collect the IDE logs (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data), share them via the JetBrains Uploads service and write here the ID you receive -  I want to check if there are any related errors in the logs. 


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