Iterate over only git tracked files


Currently I am working on an IntelliJ plugin, with this plugin I want to iterate over a list of files that are only tracked by git (so excluding the files in the .gitignores).

I am able to loop over files via ProjectFileIndex, then I use the iterateContent method with a ContentIterator. This works fine for all project files, however I was wondering if there is a way to do this with only git tracked files. I already looked into the APIs of git4idea but I couldn't find any class which provides this functionality. I am completely new to Kotlin and IntelliJ plugin development in general.

Are there any recommendations on how to do this properly? It would really help a lot!


Hi Ramon,

Please try using com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.ChangeListManager#getAllChanges.


Hi Karol Lewandowski ,

Thanks for the quick suggestion!

Looking at the naming (I might be wrong) I suspect this class and method to be handling changes since the last git commit? What I need is to basically iterate over all files that are tracked by git for the whole repository. To give some more background, I want to offer the end-user a fuzzy search extension for ideavim. In this extension it is already possible to do a fuzzy search over all files within the project (via ProjectFileIndex), however I want to add a new feature so that people can enable to only search over git tracked files.




Hi Ramon,

You are right. This method doesn't do what you meant. Sorry for the confusion.

Could you please try isUnversioned and isIgnoredFile from the same class?


Thanks Karol Lewandowski ,

In combination with the loop over ProjectFileIndex this worked pretty well, e.g. continuing in the loop if isIgnoredFile returns true.



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