Is there a way to only view a diff of a single file at a time when reviewing a PR? Currently a diff for the full MR is shown.

By default when I'm viewing a PR's changes in the left-hand pane (GitLab is what our team uses) and it lists all of the files, if I ‘Show Diff’ for a given file, it opens up a diff of the entire PR and jumps to that file in the diff.  If it's a small-ish PR it's not too bad, but sometimes when it's a large PR and/or there are a lot of changes in large files, it can cause loading/performance sluggishness in PyCharm while navigating/viewing the diff.  Not to mention that it's hard to keep track of which file you're viewing if you're skipping from change to change b/c the highlighted file in the left-hand pane never changes to reflect which one you're currently in.

I'd much rather have the behavior of PhpStorm I was familiar with, which was that you'd have a single file diff displayed, and it would skip to the next one when you'd reached the end of the current one.  But I can't find any configuration that allows for this type of view.  Is it possible?


In 2023.3.6, you can do it via registry, (press double-shift) and type registry,Registries are:
gitlab.enable.combined.diff - for gitlab
github.enable.combined.diff - for github
enable.combined.diff - for git log 

In 2024.1 you can do it via UI, please see:



Thank you Dino Letic . I just downloaded 2024.1 version and was able to configure it to turn off ‘show all files in one diff view’.  So much better now, thank you! 


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