Background color of focused type in doc popup


Hi everyone, 

I wonder whether it's possible to change the background color of a focused type in QuickJavaDoc popup?

Pressing Tab is a very convenient way of navigating through types in the doc popup. Pressing Enter opens a focused type. Wonderful!

The only sad thing is the background color of a focused type…

p.s. underlined a focused type on the image below


Please could you clarify what's wrong with the background color?


There's only a dark border around a focused type, and I can barely see it. If I could change the color of this border (for example), it would be great


What IDE and editor color schemes do you use? For me, the type gets underlined when I focus (hover on) it:


I use ‘new UI’ theme. If a mouse is used (hover on), then type gets underlined.

However, I use TAB key to move the focus :) 

It's very convenient to use a keyboard to open the doc popup, navigates through types and then close this popup


Briginas thank you for the clarification. I filed a new ticket for this issue in our tracker, please upvote IDEA-350848 and follow it for updates, see this article if you are not familiar with YouTrack.


Thank you for your participation! :)


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