Github commits are not linked to the github account


When I push commits to the Github, they are not linked to my user on GitHub. I could not click on my username and they seem to be not related at all. GitHub documentation suggests changing local client settings. Datagrip never asked me for an email of a GitHub user, I suspect that email may be required to link Datagrip and GitHub, even though I use Tokens.

I use the most recent versions of Datagrip, and the GitHub plugin, authorised through Github Tokens.


More on the screenshot:



You probably saw:

IDE uses your git installation which uses and email defined in local config or global config. (have in mind that global overrides local)

So please check both of your configs and adjust email and username properly. 


Yep, I've done this, rebooted the device


Is it working fine now? 


Does it work properly if you commit from command line? 

If it does, then please check if you have the right git version detected in your IDE in Settings | Version Control | Git. 



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