PHPStorm keeps closing after new update (2024.1)


For my work as a Developer I have a jetbrains subscription and I just updated the new version (PhpStorm 2024.1, Build #PS-241.14494.237, built on March 27, 2024.)

When I try to open PHPStorm it keeps closing, also when it DOES open, it collapses my Project on the left side. When I try to open a file it keeps closing as well, I cannot work like this.

So I thought, hey you guys must know (if you don't know already). Someone also that has this? Does going back to another version helped?


Update: I disabled a bunch a plugins and that seemed to do the trick. 


I have experienced and am still experiencing the same problem.

I have tried disabling all of my plugins but it is still happening.


Are there any other suggestions?


Uninstall 2024.1 and Install 2023.3.6


Only thing that worked for me too was downgrading it to 2023.3.6, like Jon said. Disabling the plugins didn't work for me later on. 


Since 2024.1 my PHPStorm is crashing everyday, mainly whenever I turn on my mac from sleep. Sent crash report 25540739


Alan Batruk same here. It crashes at least once a day. Sometimes when I'm using it, other times when it's just open in the background. I haven't found a pattern yet. 


Hey Folks,

Although there are some known recognizable crash scenarios, each specific case could be unique, so no single solution is available, unfortunately. I would suggest collecting logs files (Help > Collect Logs) and submitting a separate YouTrack report, so we could take a closer look:

By the way, if you experience sudden crashes on Apple Silicon macOS machines, please check this report and a possible quick workaround:

This one has become pretty popular recently.



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