Recent update is atrocious

1. You haven't fixed the problem yet of copying primary keys and autoincrement flags when copying tables from one database to another (extremely annoying)

2. You removed “Old UI” for table management.  WHY!?!?!?

3. New issue: Merely opening the extended view of a text field flags it as changed and  I have to refresh the table to clear it.  Why is this happening? What purpose does this serve?

This new update is absolutely horrible.  Hopefully it lets me downgrade to the previous version.  My subscription is up in a few months, I don't think I'll be keeping this software.  Updates are supposed to make it better, not worse.


1. The functionality is intended for copying table data not table structure, but we considering adding that option
2. Because it have been deprecated for years now and we consider new ui mature enough
3. Can understand what happened from your description please provide more details (better as youtrack ticket


Alexander Kass : You would have my vote for the first functionality.. I also have to create the structure by copying the DDL to my clipboard and then subsequently copy table data.


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