Since recent update errors everywhere

I don't use typescript, but since I just updated, I get all these typescript like errors.

Including that lodash isn't a package… which it is and is installed.

This makes it impossible to know real errors, and everything online on how to suppress or disable these don't come up. So frustrating.


Unfortunately I failed to reproduce the issue using similar code:

Do you have a sample project you can share that reproduces it?


What about something simple that any project can reproduce like this:

I would like to kindly ask if you could provide a test project that replicates the issue. This will help us investigate and identify the root cause of the problem. Thank you for your cooperation.

I had a very similar issue that started after the I upgraded WebStorm to Build #WS-241.14494.235.
All unused variable warnings have become problems all of a sudden.

I started seeing high number of problems on right top corner of the file editor along with squiggly red lines under file name.
But when I went to that bottom pane (Problems pane?) that lists errors and warnings, it was all warnings and suggestions only.

- I tried File > Invalidated Caches  (all checked) → it didn't help.
- I tried changing Inspections settings (JavaScript and TypeScript > Unused symbols) to Consideration from Warning → it didn't help.

- I tried shutting down WebStorm, deleting .idea folder for the project completely, and reopening it. → this worked.

What strange is that even if I put the old .idea folder back now, WS won't give me the same errors.

I hope this helps..


I reset all my settings and didn't import old ones… reinstalled my plugins and everything is working as expected now.


Never mind, spoke too soon. After restarting all the errors are back.


However, if I disable this the errors go away:


Yes, as the errors come from the Svelte Language Server, disabling it should help.

Please note that with the server disabled you can miss certain diagnostic messages for warnings and errors.


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