This latest update makes everything much slower. Can I downgrade?

I work from a Linux system (with Fedora), so it is possible that in other OS this update has arrived earlier. But well, it seems that now both IntelliJ and WebStorm have an AI autocomplete system that analyzes the current line and personally it is not giving me anything apart from slowness when working, besides, if I am using Vue with TailwindCSS or PrimeVue the AI wants to suggest me CSS classes that are not from the specific library (adding a delay time while the AI makes the calculation) which prevents me from working fluently.

Can I downgrade to my previous version?


I noticed it too on WebStorm on Windows 11. It constantly freezes (probably loading something with AI autocomplete?) and the IDE becomes unresponsive for 5-10 seconds.


Marteenas it must be The bug has already been resolved and the fix will be part of the 2024.1.1 release. The 2024.1.1 EAP is scheduled for release this week.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.





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