How can I make Typescript errors appear in PHPStorm like in VSCode?

This is sadly true for all my Vue projects (vue 2 and vue 3). Only some Typescript errors get displayed directly in the IDE, I often get to know about Typescript errors in the console or when I build the project, but not in the Editor itself.

Here's how it looks like in VSCode:
The word “computed” is underlined and the error is displayed in the popup.

This is almost never available in PHPStorm. The same file, the same project:

These kinds of Typescript errors almost never make it into the PHPStorm IDE.

I tried all the settings for the Typescript service like “Auto”, “Classic”.

When I set the service to “Disabled”, it does indeed show that TypeScript error, but also some other false errors like this:


Is there any way to get PHPStorm “on par” with VSCode regarding TypeScript and Vue?! Or do I have to switch back to VSCode completely to have reliable TS error handling in the IDE?


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