Access denied when attempting to Run

When I build - no error message.
When attempting to Run (via Shift+F10), the following error is spit out (see image):

"CreateProcess error=5, Access is denied"

This error is generated both on a local Windows build and a remote build to a Linux VM.
I am attempting to run C code.

In both OS's I have opened all permissions in the target directory. And I am running as the Admin/SU.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.



Please provide a screenshot of the run/debug configuration that you're trying to run (from `Run | Edit Configurations…` in the main menu).


I have found the “run as root/admin” only works when debugging, not running.  I think that's a fairly large missing feature.


Hi Andy Duplain!

“run as root/admin” only works when debugging, not running

This shouldn't be so. The option should work for both running and debugging. Could you please the issue you face with running in more detail?


Anna Falevskaya The main Rust project I work on requires root privileges to function and this is set in the run configuration but CLion will only elevate the process when debugging and not running the program.

This is on macOS, btw.


Andy Duplain, since the problem happens in the Rust project, please create an issue in and describe the problem in it.


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