How do I change my python to 3.9?

I had to do a clean re-install of my system, and have reinstalled pycharme.  The library I am need to use requires python 3.9, but the interpreter is 3.8.

How do I set up a new environment to use python 3.9, which I have installed on my system to use the package that requires 3.9?

I am so lost now…





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Interesting question.   My first advice is to NOT update your system python version.  Use something like pyenv to manage multiple instances:

Once you have an alternate python installed then use its virtual environment mechanism to provide Pycharm with access to it.  You can create a project specific virtual environment via PyCharm


File→ New Project

use existing sources

→ either create new venv or point to existing one

I know these are very high level answers but perhaps then can get you started




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