IntelliJ 2024.1 - Code Completion tooltip freeze


I'm working on an Angular project in IntelliJ where we use the Ng-Icons module. This module contains about 37.000 icons. The problem I'm encountering happens when I try to add an icon to my html template by using an <ng-icon> element. The icon has a directive input name. When I hover over it I should get the following message:

I have deleted most options in icon-name.d.ts in the npm-modules folder in order for the message to appear in the picture. Normally, however, there are 37.000 icons that IntelliJ wants to list in this pop-up. When it tries doing so, the whole application freezes for a minute or two. 

My question is whether there is an option to disable this pop-up (in general, or typescript files). I have not been able to find solutions to the problem, probably because it is pretty specific. For now the workaround appears to be to just edit the .d.ts


Hi! I reproduced the issue and logged it as follow it to be notified about updates. I'll get back to you if we find a workaround.


Thank you, I'll keep an eye on the progress. Just in case anyone gets confused: the link doesn't work because it contains the . at the end.


Thanks for mentioning. I fixed the link.


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