After using Find in Files to open files the IDE no longer responds to double-click to open any file from the project source code view

When using Find in Files to search for a text line e.g. “your heading on this page” the dialog displays the search results below the search box however when I click on the file name nothing happens.

After this occurs the IDE no longer responds to double-clicks to open a file from the source code view on the left hand side of the IDE nothing happens…the IDE looks like its about to open the file and then does nothing.

IDE version: RubyMine 2024.1 RC
Windows 11 with 32GB ram

Docker for Desktop running with WSL 2 (Debian) hosting the source code.  IDE is connected through the WSL connection method.



Could you please specify whether you're using Remote development/Gateway? Does the IDE hang when you try to open a file from the Find in Files popup?


Hi yes I am using Remote WSL development with a local WSL2 Debian image  (I select WSL connection from the Open project dialog for RubyMine).

There are more fundamental issues and that is the buggy User Interface part of the problem is mouse tracking I end up misclicking things.

Also I am asked to activate the IDE every so often which doesn't work the license is correctly recgonised after authentication but the IDE refuses to budge still thinks I need to activate the license.

Unfortunately due to the IDE bugs I am no longer going to continue using RubyMine its just not fit for preoduction sorry I am spending far too much time working around the IDE issues, closing it down repeatedly to continue further its a fun experience :-(


Please share the logs from the Host and the Client sides (call the "Collect Host and Client logs" action after reproducing the issue) so that we can investigate issues with license, double click and find in files search.

Thank you

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