Create New Project Failed To Collect Files

I'm trying to create a new project from existing files on a remote AWS ec2 system, however after a little while it fails with "Failed to collect files: could not resolve file sftp://<host>/

I successfully copied all of the files over using WinSCP, so the problem seems to be with PHP Storm. Sadly, the error message doesn't give any helpful details. 

How do I get PHP Storm to work properly? 



Hi Ziff5000 ,

It looks like you faced the following known issue:
Please try to fix or remove the `known_hosts` file as stated in the workaround on YouTrack.

If this is not the case, collect and send logs for further investigation:


Thanks Anastasiia,

I figured out that PHP Storm was unhappy with my “root path”. Cleaning up the wording a bit such as “Project Root” or improving the error message certainly would have made this easier. :)


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