Freezes after update PHPStorm to 2024.1

Hello. I am using PHPStorm version 2024.1. When I try to paste a section of code in it or select one or more lines, the whole program freezes and does nothing. It's not always the case, but it happens most of the time and since the day I updated PHPStorm, how can I fix this problem?
My system RAM is 16 gigs and hard ssd and in terms of speed I had no problem with version 2023 and this problem was created since the update.



You likely faced the following known bug:
Please update to the 2024.1.1 Preview version that is already available. 

If the issue persists, share logs from Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data here:


Where I can download the 2024.1.1 Preview version? is only 2024.1.


The Preview version is available in JetBrains Toolbox > click on the kebab menu near the PhpStorm and select Other versions
The stable version will be released this week, so you can also wait for a couple of days and install the update as usual.


For god sake please solve performance issues with PhpStorm.


Absolute shambles. 2024.1 was not freezing as much and 2024.1.1 is freezing all the time. I've increased HEAP mem size and nothing changed.  I've disabled the AI assistant stuff (the one line assistant) but it's still broken.


Hi Nico Rafales,

Since the root cause of your issue is highly likely not the same, please submit a separate request via Help | Contact Support or at, and share logs from Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data there so we can check it further.


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