Multi-framework project results in wrong tooltip doc links

I'm working on a project that has both Drupal and Symfony apps in it. Not just Drupal using Symfony's libraries, but separate apps built into separate docker images. Something like:

- symfonyapp
– code
– Dockerfile
- drupalapp
– code
– Dockerfile
- docker-compose.yml

The thing is, when I hover over a method, the tooltip doc links all point to, even in my Symfony app.

I did try to tell PHPStorm to treat the different apps as their own projects via Directories config. I set each app folder to be a content root. But that didn't solve the link issue.

Any ideas on how to fix the tooltip help links issue?

Or is it just that there is nothing telling the tooltip how to link to Symfony docs, and thus it is defaulting to Drupal since it knows how?



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