PhpStorm freezes when trying to acces the PHP -> Servers settings

When I try to access the PHP → Servers settings, the entire IDE freezes and I'm forced to kill the process and restart. Unfortunately, since this is the last settings page I accessed, the IDE now freezes whenever I open the settings dialog.

I've uploaded my threaddump files here in the hopes that they will help:

Upload id: 2024_04_22_tdjS8b15LHmMdwUKWr7HX1



Thank you for sharing the freeze thread dumps.

Would it be possible to collect & share a full logs pack?
(Help > Collect Logs)


Hi here's my logs:


Upload id: 2024_04_23_6YpLJi7fKonFpZr7KtETdG


Thank you for sharing the full logs pack.

Basically, there is a similar issue on YouTrack:

Both your case and the one mentioned above also have signs of the following issue:


So it might be related to the Composer subsystem or, to be specific, a structure/number of added packages.

Could you please tell a bit more about your project? 
Do you have multiple composer.json files in it? Can you share a project's `.idea` folder as well? 




I'm not using the AWS plugin. So the first issue you linked isn't really relevant.

However, the project is a drupal project with multiple contrib drupal modules which typically have composer.json files in them. So it's possible the second issue is related.


Here is my .idea folder (gzipped): Upload id: 2024_04_23_22e9ANTWmX9GbQRdwNeww8


Thank you for sharing the `.idea` folder!

I'm not using the AWS plugin. So the first issue you linked isn't really relevant.

Turns out it has nothing to do with the AWS plugin, it was just a theory.
Apparently, it is an aforementioned Composer issue causing this new problem. Personally, I have seen it on Magento and Drupal projects with lots of dependencies and child “composer.json” files.

We will try to reproduce it on our side and deliver a fix as soon as possible. Thanks again!


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