Load Viewer (or Editor) for large file on disk (outside of project)

I'm trying get my plugin to load a very large (600MB+) file from disk and display it in a read-only window.

The file exists outside of the project.

I'm trying the following (and several variations):


class MyView extends JPanel
   Path file = Paths.get("C:\\downloads\\server.log");
   Project project = ProjectManager.getInstance().getDefaultProject();
   VirtualFile vfile = LocalFileSystem.getInstance().refreshAndFindFileByIoFile(file.toFile());
  // Note that I would prefer a read-only FileViewer, but I don't see a LargeFileViewerProvider
   FileEditor editor = LargeFileEditorProvider.getInstance().createEditor(project, vfile);

I keep getting stuck though because no matter how I come at this, the document associated with `vfile` is `null`.

How can I have IntelliJ load the document and display it in a (ideally read-only) editor?


Specific detail:

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'document' of com/intellij/openapi/editor/impl/EditorFactoryImpl.createMainEditor must not be null


Editing to add:

If I use the code provided above, and pass through a small text file (1KB), it loads up no problem. But it doesn't seem able to log a large file


Edit to add again:

The problem appears to be that IntelliJ is guessing at the contents.

If I rename the large file from server.log to server.txt, it opens in the editor fine.

So my revised question, please, is:

1. How do I specify the type of file that this should be? (i.e. log file format if there is one, or failing that plain text)

2. How do I create a Viewer (read-only) version of the Editor provided by LargeFileEditorProvider?


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