Interaction between JBCefBrowser JavaScript and Kotlin code


Hello, I am working on an IntelliJ plugin where I would like to render a graph in a webview which is part of a ToolWindow. I am using the JBCefBrowser for this, and I managed to initiate this browser with some static HTML. However ideally I want interactions between the browser it's JavaScript runtime, and my Kotlin plugin. For instance when I click on a button in the browser, I want to handle this by my Kotlin runtime to do open a certain file within the IDE. The other way around I might want to send some data from my Kotlin runtime into my JavaScript runtime. On internet I couldn't really find any good suggestions on how I could achieve this, would really appreciate if someone has some tips or recommendations.

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Hi Ramon,

Did you get familiar with this section?

If it doesn't help, please describe your problem in more detail.


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