Verifier problem updating plugin to 2024.1


I want to update my plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 2024.1. It runs fine locally, but the build on Github fails on the verifier. I get this problem:

Plugin be.sweetmustard.testnurturer:0.1.0 against IC-223.8836.26: 1 compatibility problem
Compatibility problems (1): 
    #Package 'kotlin.enums' is not found
        Package 'kotlin.enums' is not found along with its 2 classes.
        Probably the package 'kotlin.enums' belongs to a library or dependency that is not resolved by the checker.
        It is also possible, however, that this package was actually removed from a dependency causing the detected problems. Access to unresolved classes at runtime may lead to **NoSuchClassError**.
        The following classes of 'kotlin.enums' are not resolved:
          Class kotlin.enums.EnumEntries is referenced in
            be.sweetmustard.testnurturer.GenerateTestMotherAction.SelectionItemType.$ENTRIES : EnumEntries
            be.sweetmustard.testnurturer.GenerateTestMotherAction.SelectionItemType.getEntries() : EnumEntries
          Class kotlin.enums.EnumEntriesKt is referenced in
            be.sweetmustard.testnurturer.GenerateTestMotherAction.SelectionItemType.<clinit>() : void



It is unclear to me how to fix this.

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you are validating your plugin against IntelliJ Platform 223.3, i. e. 2022.3. This version of the Platform bundles Kotlin 1.7, which does not contain kotlin.enum package yet. 

One suggestion might be to migrate SelectionItemType to Java syntax, if possible.


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