[Vue3 Vite Setting] How to set root file in each component file correctly?

I create component root file named “index.vue” in my “frontView” file folder.  Webstorm has the correct path recognition, so the file can be found by command + click in import path line.  But in file, Webstorm still show “Vue: Cannot find module @/views/front/frontView or its corresponding type declarations.” with red underline. How to set up correctly for path recognition ?

- views
    - frontView
          - index.vue



Looks like the language server is confused by your setup, it expects either index.ts or frontView.{ts,vue} here. Does your application compile? Could you share a sample project that demonstrates your setup?



This is the sample project. You can download from my Google Drive : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_8mJ7g22NZZ9aHMVP-PK-d5XxtXjvGt5/view

My question is in :  src > router > index.ts  file

My application doesn't compile.



Why is my latest post pending approval ?


Thank you for the project!


I can see the same issue when I open it in VSCode:

vue-tsc also reports the issue:

So it looks like the Volar limitation. Please see comments in https://github.com/vuejs/language-tools/issues/2724


Thank you for the solution ! It works for me.

I add moduleSuffixes in tsconfig.json and solved the issue.


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