How can i set the git executable in Fleet?


I wanted to try JetBrains Fleet and clone my Git project, but unfortunately I always get an error message:
“git executable not found”.

I have also not found an option in the Git settings of Fleet where I can specify the path for the git.exe file.

It would be great if someone here could tell me how to solve this.

Many thanks in advance!


Hello! Fleet uses PATH to run git. It looks like some issues with discovering the git executable in your PATH environment. 

What is your OS? How did you install git?

Could you please provide us with the logs (Help | Diagnostic Tools | Collect logs...) and an output of which git from the machine where Fleet is launched? In case of a remote scenario an output of which git from a remote machine would also be useful.

For uploading you can use or any file sharing service.



It turns out, somehow I didn't have Git in my path environment.

After adding it, Fleet successfully picked it up!

Thanks for your answer and pointing me to the right direction!

That Git is read from the path environment makes sense of course, but I think for the future it would be great if you could specify a path to Git directly in Fleet, as in the other IDEs :)


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