use Diagrams platform in a new plugin


Hi everyone,

I'm new to plugin development in JetBrains and I'm currently working on a plugin aimed at visualizing code analysis through graphs. I've noticed that JetBrains provides robust graph visualization tools within their 'Diagrams' options.

I'm curious if there's a way to integrate or migrate my plugin to utilize these diagramming capabilities for visualizing new analyses and graphs that I'm attempting to add. Can I leverage this diagram platform to customize and visualize graphs based on my input for nodes and edges?

Any insights or guidance on how to integrate my plugin with the JetBrains diagram platform would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!



Please check the com.intellij.diagram.DiagramProvider class and its Javadoc.

You can also find example implementations of com.intellij.diagram.Provider extension point on


Hi Karol, thanks for your answer! I can't find any documentation on the com.intellij.diagram.DiagramProvider class. Is there any information or steps for implementing the Javadoc it expects? Also, is it available in Kotlin as well?


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