Change foreground color of custom words in Rider


In my IDE I like that keywords have red color and all types have black color, but in the C++ settings of Rider it is only provided a way to change the “Keyword” foreground color, the problem is primitive types such as “bool”, “int” and “float” are all inside that one single “Keyword” category so I cannot set a red color for constructs such as “if”, “for” and “while” while leaving primitive types with black color, this is something that is possible in the C# color scheme settings, so I thought about creating a Rider kotlin plugin that overrides the color of everywhere in the code the “bool”, “int”, “float” and others in the code to black color to force it to not be red like the other keywords, what would I use for this?


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We plan to improve the available keyword categories in C++ to be similar to C# soon. Please vote for



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