requirements.txt updates available no longer

I recently updated pycharm to 2024.1.1, and I seem to have lost a feature in the requirements.txt file. I don't know if this was a plugin or something that changed in the new pycharm version, but perviously there would be squiggle lines under packages that were ready for updates, a context action menu with the ability to update the package, and if I command + clicked on the package, it would bring me to the package on pypi in a browser.

Now, it's just a normal old requirements.txt file. 

Does anyone know if this was a pycharm feature that changed, a feature that still exists but I need to enable it somewhere, or something from a plugin (and what plugin if so)? Thanks!

Screenshots of previous behavior:

Hello PJ,
This was most likely the requirements ( plugin, which is unfortunately not compatible with the latest versions of IntelliJ IDEs.

Is this going to ever work again?


Turns out you can install the plugin directly still, even though it's not supported. So that's a win!


According to this page JetBrains is taking over this plugin.   Can't wait !!




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