how to use the com.intelli.diagram api


I am trying  to create a diagram similar to plantUML Class diagram .

but in my diagram i want to use and display  flow of a list of property files . 
It should have file name in place of class name , key names in place of method names . 

rest all functionality should remain like toggling to show  the key names from toolbar.

how can this be possible?

Many questions in my mind ----1)how to access the toolbar to create additional action and remove the extra actions that were used for class files. 2) the property list i am using has .plist extension so it has no PSI Support. so how to deal with that …. 




this is how my plugin.xml is not recognising using the com.intellij.diagram


yes i am using the ultimate edition. Earlier i was using IC in my gradle properties hence was getting the issue. I changed it to IU latest snapshot . 

Now i want to resolve further queries about how to actually use this API for displaying a list of virtual files . which correspond to .plist extension and the file consists of a META and other keys . 

So file name must appear instead of classname , Meta key its value inplace of method , and other keys and their values in place of variables.  


Actually i already tried to understand the source code of the above plugin and others also which use the diagram provider. Still not able to progress. What is the use of the classes => vfs resolver and element manager and how to correctly extend the datamodel are they few classes to take care about and i think i am missing something to implement them . Can you provide some description of the above classes and some points to remember. 



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