Xdebug on remote server not working. very difficult to install.

Hello, We our team is trying to configure xdebug for our team on PhpStorm. We have a requirement to use xdebug (or any php debug tool that works). We have spent over 50+ man hours attempting to configure it to no avail.

We followed several of the Phpstorm guides on setting up xdebug and none of them worked. We have also scoured forum posts all over for different configurations and settings that others have used.

Our PHP code lives on a remote server and serves as an API endpoint and does not serve HTML. Ideally we would like to the debugger to activate when the endpoint from any means is hit.

We use php 7.0.33 and we use FPM, our xdebug on the server is 2.8.3. We use Nginx as well.

Our teams local machines have different versions of xdebug and php (I dont know if this matters or not). My local machine has PHP 7.4 installed with xdebug 2.9.2.

example of one of the configurations.




xdebug.remote_host=xxxx(our local machines ip)



we have also tried enabling all ip addresses the come in to be used. Our xdebug logging shows xml in some instance ( i dont have the logs currently).

 In some scenarios seems to be seeing the correct ip address but timing out when checking the live xdebug logging.


We checked our firewalls and nothing was being blocked and made sure our ports were open. Something of note, when trying on another ide, VS code, we had to kill and node process on our remote server that was running on the same port, 9000 in order for it to work. Could a conflicting port use be the issue?

Is there some minimal way I can get this working? We're at risk of losing the IDE on the team because of this.



I would start by enabling logs:


Level 1 should be enough to identify problems when connecting to IDE.

In any case, the shared remote PHP development server paradigm is something that doesn't really work well. It's always going to be slow and lack flexibility. I'm not saying that PhpStorm doesn't support it well, just than nothing beats a local development environment you can freely fiddle with.


Well thats disheartening to hear. I believe we did set up logs to be level 1. I apologize not including them but i wrote this sometime ago and just got around to it. I appreciate the comment.

My next attempt, I'll keep better record of everything.


No worries, I also missed that logs are mentioned in the question. Let us know if you find something that might be relevant.


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