Missing icons in new UI

I'm having an issue with the new UI in DataGrip which I've logged with support, but curious to see if anyone has encountered the same.

Documentation on the new UI: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/datagrip/new-ui.html

I have configued DataGrip so that some of the icons are pinned, and should always display:

When opening DataGrip, however, I am only seeing the Commit icon, and the three dot-menu does not provide me access to add the others:

If I close and re-open the project (without restarting DataGrip) the pinned icons show correctly.

If I close and restart DataGrip, the issue reoccurs.

Has anyone encountered this, and if so do you have any tips on how to resolve it?


Noting that this seemed to be a result of the Amazon Q for Command Line plugin, and when I disabled this it resolved things.

Hi Jamie,

Please report this issue on the plugins github tracker so they can investigate it


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