email address is blocked for Karabuk University


Dear JetBrains Support Team,

My name is A.Celik and I am a student at Karabük University. I am trying to sign up for the JetBrains Student Package using my university student email address However, when I attempt to register, I receive the message "email address is blocked. Please use another email address."

I would appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue as I would like to take advantage of the JetBrains tools for educational purposes. I can provide any necessary documentation, including my student ID and other relevant information.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Some educational domains are blocked due to a history of license misuse. You can't get a license with such email instantly.
However, you can submit a request or renew your license with an official document.

To get a new educational license, please submit a form and attach your papers here (

To renew your license, please log in to the JetBrains account ( and click renew. Then select "Official document".

Our managers process such requests in 2 weeks. If you need a license right now, please start a free trial.


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