Switching between Release and Debug, long build times Linking CXX object Cmake Files


I am using CLion on the Mac, CLion 2024.1.1, Build #CL-241.15989.121, built on April 25, 2024

When i switch between building Release and Debug, it takes a few of minutes, without having changed any code.
I build the Release, then switch and build the Debug, then switch to build the Release again and it is building it from the beginning. Switch to Debug the same happens.
The messages are:
[2/20] Building CXX object CMakeFiles
Up to…
[19/20] Linking CXX static library
[20/20] Linking CXX CFBundle shared module
Is there a way to improve this? Why is it building again? No code was changed, and each Cmake build type has its own directory.


Thank you,




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