Can't Apply To Student License


When I try to submit a request for an Individual License for students, it appears the message: “If you would like to renew your Student License, please use the dedicated link in your JetBrains Account, or check the email reminder we send out one week before your license expires for the same link.”

When I click the dedicated link("Renew my Education Pack") in my account I got the same message.

How should I proceed?

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Thank you for reaching out to us. If you got such a notification, it means either your subscription is still valid or the problem with the renewal is caused by the existence of two JetBrains
accounts linked with your name. We would be happy to help you to solve your issue, and will just need a little more info. You should provide the email address where the subscription was delivered/the number of order and send any officially issued document with your full name and confirmation of your current student status for validation of your JetBrains account ownership and eligibility.
After getting this documentation we'll help you to solve the issue.
Thanks, we look forward to your response.

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