Database conntections, disable/turn off database import


Hello! I'm using IntelliJ and all of my database connections in there (I  guess it's called datagrip). But the biggest issue with this is when you accidentally drag your mouse choosing database and inntellij for whatever reason decides that you want to import the whole freaking database which is annoying, because that way you intellij gets stuck, it doesn't let you to close this stupid window till its freaking finished consuming all the data from db. And you already see the problem, when you do it in production database accidentaly, you lock tf the whole databse. Who in the hell came up with this idea that drag should import database? And how do I turn it off? Cmon now, do you even want people to use built in functionality or you expect them to use something else for db connections? So unserious.


How did my chair just burn down when this Import window accidentally opened again and interrupted my work for 10 minutes..

Please upgrade your IDE if you have not done so yet

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